Sunday, May 24, 2015

Gender Reveal for Baby #3

We are so excited to announce that Baby number 3 is a...

Boy!!! I love the idea of having two boys close in age, brothers!  I have always felt like Kennedy has a sister in Rilyn and now Beckett will have a brother in baby #3.  After our sonogram Brady and I got to go out to brunch to celebrate and open our envelope.  For every pregnancy we have had the tech put the gender picture in an envelope and then we have taken it to open on a date.

We really felt like our chances of having a boy were pretty slim, there are way more girls on both my side and Brady's, so we have always felt like we would have lots of girls.  Kennedy has been convinced since the day we told her that I was pregnant, that I was having a girl and she was naming her Ava.  So, when we first told her it was a boy she cried a little.  LoL.  But as our Florida trip progress she got more excited and now is telling everybody that she is going to have another brother.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Ultrasound for Baby #3

This morning we had our 20 week ultrasound with baby number 3.  (Although I am 21 weeks and 2 days) We dropped the kiddos off at daycare and headed to the appointment right away in the AM.  I was so thankful it was in the morning, because I was too excited to wait much longer.  I have worried at different points the last 20 weeks about the health of this baby, but today I had a completely calm feeling walking into the sonogram.  I love that God gives me that peace and that Brady is always there to remind me of his faithfulness.  We will reveal the gender in a few days! 

Everything is absolutely perfect with Baby #3! Healthy baby and happy parents.  The tech showed us so much and explained it more than I remember in the past.  It is so neat that we could see the heart beating, the tongue sticking out, the fluid in the stomach, the long skinny feet kicking me.  God is so good.  The first thing the tech measured was the baby's head; it measured almost 23 weeks! (remember I am only a little over 21) Every single thing she measured from there measured 22 weeks and 5 days!  That would put my due date closer to September 13th.  Unfortunately, my doctor said that they wont change your due date unless you are two full weeks early.  I have always thought my due dates were a week earlier than the doctor said on the first two kids, so this one probably is too.  Plus, this just might be a bigger baby, it is already 1lbs 2oz!! This is a lot bigger than my other two, yikes.  My belly is definitely bigger this time around, so it makes sense. I made a little chart to help me remember and compare the details of all three kids!

Baby Purvis' Ultrasounds
Weeks Preg Heart Rate Weight E.D.D Placenta Position
Kennedy 20 126 10oz Right on Posterior Head down
Beckett 19 144 11oz 5 days early Posterior Breech
Baby #3 21.2 149 1lb 2oz 10 Days early Anterior  Head down

Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Good-bye to Daycare

Today is my last day of doing daycare out of my home.  I can't really write a lot about my daycare coming to an end because lets face it, these days I'm an emotional basket case. So, instead I am going to post a bunch of really cute pictures of most of the kids I have had the privilege of watching over the years.  I watched 18 kids and had about 5 other drop in kids through out the five years I did a daycare out of my home.   It was the absolute perfect job for me while we started our family.  It allowed me to be home with my babies, care for my niece, nephew, and a bunch of my friend's kids.  But, as our family is about to grow again and so is my sister's family, I have decided to just watch family.  I will stay home with our three kids and my sister's kids.  A change of title, but similar job description.  Although I will really miss my daycare families and kids, I am excited for a change of pace and more flexibility in my day.  Here are a bunch of really sweet kiddos that I have watched over the years. 




Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Baby #3 update! (21 weeks)

Sometimes I still think I am typing that wrong, 3 kids? A family of 5? Amazing and terrifying :)

We are just over 21 weeks along with baby three. I wanted to blog a few random facts about this pregnancy so I can always look back, because lets face it, I can't remember anything these days!  

Pregnancy #3
- I started feeling nauseous around 6 weeks until 18 weeks
- I threw up a lot (like Kennedy) and was nauseous all day and night also (like with Beckett)
- I started feeling the baby kick around 17 weeks
- I started feeling better around 18 weeks
- Braxton hicks contractions started at 18 weeks
- Brady felt the baby kick around 19 weeks 
- I started getting my energy back and really feeling good around 19 weeks
- I could see the baby move on the outside of my shirt around 20 weeks
- I have been going to the chiropractor every two weeks and it keeps my headaches and back pain away
- We are walking 2-3 times a week and I try to use my elliptical once a week

I really feel great right now.  I wish all 40 weeks felt like this. :) Gods timing is perfect as we head into our "busy season."   We have trips and showers and parties that have filled up our May and June calendar. I can't imagine going through that schedule back when I was so sick. 

Kennedy is so excited still and tells everyone she sees that I have a baby in my belly.  (Like they couldn't tell!) she tells me constantly how big my belly is getting :)

We will have our ultrasound this Friday, May 15th. Then Brady and I will go to brunch and open the gender envelope together.  We leave for Florida the next day.  After we tell our families we will them tell the world!

Here are a couple belly pics.  I have definitely "popped" since 15 weeks!

15 weeks

20 Weeks

Mothers Day 2015

21 weeks

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Florida Past

In a few short days we will head to Florida for the 5th annual Stetson Family Vacation.  I love looking back at pictures from our previous trips and remembering all of the great memories and also seeing how much our little family has grown over the years.  We are so blessed!  This will be my third Florida trip while pregnant and thankfully I have been feeling really good lately. 
Year 1- 2011: 20 Weeks Pregnant with Kennedy
Year 2- 2012: Kennedy- 9 months old
Year 3- 2013: Kennedy 18 Months and 32 weeks pregnant with Beckett
Year 4- 2014: Kennedy- 2 and a 1/2 and Beckett- 11 months old.
This year! Kennedy with be 3 and a 1/2, Beckett will be 23 months old and I will be 22 weeks pregnant with baby #3!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Another day, another Dr. bill

Our second born is going to be our accident prone child.  He has been helping us meet our deductible since his first hospital visit at 7 weeks old.  The bills, the bills.  A few weeks ago, during one of our small groups, Beckett fell.  He was just walking/running, tripped and fell on the hardwood floors. Something he does several times each day.  He cried and screamed and wouldn't let me put him down, I knew something was wrong.  I rarely hear "that cry" from him. (mom's know what cry I am talking about) We quickly notice that he wouldn't put weight on his right leg/foot.  Thursday morning we headed to our doctor, who sent us to xray for the second time this year. No break, just a bad sprain, yay! So we were just suppose to keep a close eye on him and he should have started walking again soon. After in injury in children there is always a chance that a fracture would not show up on an xray; because of the swelling and their little bones.  He just cried and wouldn't crawl or play, it was hard to see him in pain. So, 19 weeks pregnant I reverted back to carrying my two year old everywhere.  I felt like we had reverted back 6 months to before he could walk and we were in therapy and we needed to go through all the stages again slowly to help build back up his muscle strength and confidence.  I started some of our old therapy tricks.  Gradually he started to crawl and on Monday he started standing up.   By Tuesday he was taking a few steps! This is the first time in Beckett's life that he let me hold his hand and walk with him, I have to say I loved that.

Then Wednesday he woke up fussy and refusing to stand up or walk.  He developed a fever that afternoon that climbed to 103 quickly.  My first thought was that the poor guy was now sick too.  But that evening I started wondering if they could be connected.  I messaged my doctor that night and went to bed thinking she would tell me I was over paranoid and he was fine.

As soon as the Doctor's office opened the next day I got a call from her office.  They said they wanted him to be seen by the bone doctor at Children's Mercy in KC. No parent around here wants to hear those words, but I kept thinking we can handle that. But then she said, "first we need you to take him to the ER at Children's Mercy, as soon as you can."  I tried hard not to panic or get emotional (dumb hormones make that hard right now) Brady headed home to go with me, we packed Kennedy up and took her to a friend of mine's house and headed down to KC.
They quickly got us into a room and then our day of waiting started.  He wasn't allowed to eat or drink as soon as we were admitted.  This was our biggest challenge, Beckett is our eater.  He just cried "drink momma, crackers daddy" all day.  He had blood drawn, an IV put in, X-rays, sonogram and we finally met with the bone doctor.  Everything took forever and was pretty stressful for Beckett since he has a lot of stranger anxiety right now.  They found a little fluid on his hip but thankfully no fractures.  They decided to send us home and have us keep an eye on him. That didn't leave us with a lot of confidence as we packed up. They were "pretty sure" his fever was a virus and not related to the injury.  Our other option would have been an MRI and surgery to drain the fluid, we were thankful to not need to go through that!  We were all exhausted and drained but overall so thankful.  Our day could have been so much worse with a much worse outcome.  We knew, of all the parents in the hospital, that we were the lucky ones leaving that day. 

Once they finally started the discharge paperwork, they let Beckett eat and drink.  This got the first smile of the day from Beckett!

Beckett's fever continued all weekend, he was so grumpy and just not himself.  Thankfully, by Sunday afternoon he started to perk up and his fever left.  By Monday he was back to his happy, ornery self and was even choosing to walk instead of crawl!  We are now working on strengthening his leg muscles (since he didn't use them for a week they are very weak and stiff) This boy keeps me on my toes.  But I also think God uses him to remind us how truly blessed we our with such healthy/happy children.