Saturday, September 19, 2015

Newborn Pics- Briggs Edition

Here are Briggs' newborn pictures! 
Not great quality, but the smile is too sweet

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Briggs' Labor and Delivery Story

Briggs’ Delivery Story

I started having Braxton hicks when I was 18 weeks pregnant and they started picking up and getting more painful around 32 weeks this time.  There were times that they would be consistent for a few hours and then taper off.  I always knew I wasn’t in labor so I didn’t worry, but they still were not much fun!  At my 35 week appointment I asked my doctor to check me and I was a 1.  At my 36 week appointment I was a 2 and 50% effaced.  I really felt like I was progressing slower than I did with Beckett, so I started accepting the fact that I may be pregnant for a while.  Sunday August 30th I had several sets of pretty painful contractions but they never amounted to anything.  Monday after work I got adjusted at the chiropractor, hoping to help some of my pelvic pain to make it through the next week.  I had a few more contractions that night at Monday night small group, but again nothing consistent. 
36 Weeks Pregnant
I fell asleep on Monday night and woke up at about 11:45, needing to go to the restroom.  I quickly started wondering if my water had broken.  I just really wasn’t sure though, I just kept picturing a big gush of water and it wasn’t.  My water has never broken on its own so I was kind of in denial.  I took a quick shower and we called Megan over to stay with the kids.  After grabbing a piece of pizza we headed to the hospital and made it into a triage room by 12:15.  When the nurse checked me, my water broke the rest of the way.  There was no denying it now, Baby #3 was on his way, one day before I turned 37 weeks pregnant. 

After getting settled into a room and getting my IV, we learned that there was only one doctor at the hospital and there were 8 women in labor!  So, they let me know that they were not going to do anything to push my labor along, we were just going to see what happened naturally.  With my first two deliveries, the doctors had to break my water and after they did so, I stalled out almost completely.  So, when my water broke first I was concerned I wouldn’t progress well on my own.  I was right.  Over the next few hours my contractions weren’t very painful and pretty spread out, honestly they were a lot like my contractions had been for the last few weeks.  But of course, my mind was spinning and I couldn’t sleep.  My nurse had to insert an internal monitor because she was having trouble consistently monitoring his heart beat since my placenta was on the outside and he was so low. Around 5:30 my nurse check me and I was a 4 and 70%.

My nurse let me know that once my doctor came in (at 7AM) they would be starting Pitocin.   I knew I wanted to get an epidural before this.  I asked for some pain medicine in my IV around 6:30.  With Kennedy I had gotten this pain medicine before my epidural and it helped calm me down while they put in the epidural.  This was my plan this time around.  They gave me the medicine and it made me so tired and groggy, so I slept for about a half hour while we waited for my epidural.  Around 8:30 I was a 5 and 80% thinned out.   Around 8:45 the anesthesiologist came in the start my epidural, since it ended up taking a long time for her to get there the medicine had completely warn off.  During Beckett’s delivery I had a rough time with the epidural.  I was trying hard not to think about last time and think about other things.  But as soon as the needle went into my back, I started getting hot and the room started going white.  I told the nurse I was about the pass out, they quickly finished the epidural and laid me down on my side.  The nurse kept trying to move me into different positions but every time she did my blood pressure would drop again and I would feel horrible.  They finally had to call the anesthesiologist back in and have her turn my epidural down as low as it would go.  The doctor thought my body was having a bad reaction to the strong medicine.  This caused me to feel all my contractions again, but my blood pressure didn’t drop anymore.  Thankfully Baby boy’s heart rate stayed consistent through all of this.  Gradually, I was able to push a button that gave me more medicine in my epidural at a slower rate and my body tolerated it better. 
Thankfully, I started to feel my contractions less.  At 10:45 my nurse checked me and I was a 7.  The doctors started Pitocin around 11:00 and my contractions quickly picked up and got more consistent.  Around this time Amber surprised me a showed up!  Around 11:45 they decided to check me again and see if the Pitocin was doing anything and she said I was complete! (a 10!) We started pushing around 12.  This is my first delivery that my actual doctor got to deliver us, and I was so thankful!  This part of labor reminded me a lot of Beckett’s delivery.  My contractions were spaced nicely apart so I had time in between sets to catch my breath and get a few ice chips.  I only had to push through 6 sets and then he was here!  He did have the chord wrapped around his neck but it didn’t affect his breathing.  He came out crying and the doctor placed him on my chest.  She told the nurses if they needed to take him since he was early, they could.  But they said he looked good and could stay.  He was healthy and perfect; his Apgar scores were 8:9.  After we delivered we still had to choose his name! Ha.  We had been debating the order of his name all day.  He is just perfect.
 Briggs Stetson Purvis



Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Briggs' First Week

Our sweet Briggs is a week old, I can't believe how fast it went! I will take time later and blog his labor and delivery story.  Briggs is a very content little guy.  He spit up a lot the first few days, but we are pretty sure he just had some mucus left over from delivery.  He really doesn't spit up much now.  I have been eating ice cream and yogurt like crazy and so far no signs of a dairy allergy, my fingers are crossed that this continues.  He is kind of already getting into a schedule; he nurses and then is awake for a bit and then falls asleep.  Speaking of sleep, he is doing awesome at night.  I have been feeding him around 9 and then he doesn't wake up until almost 2!  I nurse him and he goes right back to sleep and wakes up again around 6.  Nursing is going well, he stays awake for the feedings and seems to be able to get good full feedings in.  This boy loves to be swaddled, he doesn't have very much control of his arms yet.  As long as he is swaddled, he is happy! Here
are some highlights of his first week.

Big Siblings meeting Briggs for the first time
Headed home!

Big brother and Big Sister

I can't get enough of his snuggles

Briggs helped dad cheer on the Huskers and Cyclones

Always swaddled

Headed to church

Briggs got to spend his first weekend home with Grandma and Grandpa Purvis

First bath


Briggs' First Doctor's Appointment

I can't believe Briggs is already a week old!  On Tuesday, the home nurse came to the house.  Briggs was already up to 6lbs and 14oz!  That means he has already passed his birth weight, which they only want them to do by their second week.

Today, I took him to his first Doctor's appointment with Dr. Brownfield.  He was already up to 7lbs today!  A few days ago, I noticed he had jaundice.  His skin is more yellow and the whites of his eyes.  The Dr. was a little concerned so she drew blood to check his levels.  This was torture for me!  It really takes like 20 minutes because they have to squeeze it out of his little heal and it comes out very slowly.  He was pretty upset for awhile then he just passed out from exhaustion.  The doctor called a few hours later, his levels are only a little low.  They want to take more blood again tomorrow to double check that his bilirubin is going down, not up.  Other than the jaundice, Briggs got a perfect bill of health! He is just the sweetest!

1 Week Stats
Weight- 7lbs - 25%
Height - 20 and a half inches - 52%
Head Circ. - 14inches - 41%

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Baby #3 is here!

Briggs Stetson Purvis
September 1st, 2015
6lbs 12oz
19 and a half inches long