Monday, October 13, 2014

Kennedy's 3 Year Pictures

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Kennedy's 2 year pictures that I took.  She is becoming quit the cooperative little model these days.





Friday, October 10, 2014

Well Checks- 3 Years and 15 Months

I hate when we have to fill our Fridays with Doctor's appointments, but we have to get them in!  Today we woke up and raced out the door so I could drop Kennedy off and take Beckett to the health department to get his shots.  (stupid insurance doesn't cover our shots still) Man its hard to keep a newly mobile 15 month old entertained in a waiting room.  He screamed his head off during each shot (4), but as soon as we got out the door, he was fine!

We picked up Kennedy, rushed home to let Beckett get a short nap.  Then we started the same routine over; potty, diaper, shoes, coats, snacks, more snacks and out the door again. This time we were headed out for our 3 year and 15 month well-checks. 

Kennedy's new favorite show is Doc McStuffins, so she is in love with the doctor's office.  She can't wait to go see the fish and whatever show is on in the waiting room.  We are almost always there for Beckett but she likes to ask the nurses if they will check her ears and throat too, they are so nice and oblige.  This time when I told her that she was the one the doctor would be giving a check up- she was ecstatic!  She climbed up on the table and sat there the rest of the time. 
I have been getting a little nervous that Kennedy's gross motor skills may still be behind so I mentioned it to our doctor.  Brady wasn't sure I should ask because we can't afford another kid in therapy. =) She checked her out a little and asked about a bunch of skills, most of which she could perform.  Then she asked, "is she flexible?" That's an understatement.  We have always laughed about how flexible Kennedy is, its actually pretty impressive.  We looked over and she was sitting in the "butterfly" pose on the table with both knees touching the table.  The doctors checked her over again and said she is definitely hyper-flexible.  Even though this can be a good thing, it is really hard for children when they are young.  It cane make them a little more clumsy, and less coordinated.  Especially if the child is long and lean, which doesn't help Kennedy's case! She said she doesn't think that therapy is needed (yay!) but that we should just be intentional working with her and put her back in the toddler gymnastics at Mega.  This should help her gain more control.  Everything else seems right on track, she is as healthy as a horse.
Kennedy 3 Year Stats
Height    3 ft & 2in.     75%
Weight   28lbs & 6oz   27%

This was our first very uneventful well-check for Beckett. yay!!  After trying to entertain him in another waiting room we finally got called back. Since he already got his shots, he was less excited about the check up and screamed when anybody touched him.  But he seems to be on track with everything, except his gross motor skills.  Our doctor asked for some information on how his physical therapy was going.  She was thrilled with his progress!  She said she will check his legs and muscles again at 18 months, but hopefully he will be walking by then.  He is finally gaining some ground in the weight department, thank goodness because he is eating us out of house and home.

Beckett's 15 Month Stats
Height    32 inches     75%
Weight     22 pounds    38% 
Head Circ.  19inches   79%


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kennedy's 3rd birthday- 1st celebration

My family couldn't get together to celebrate Kennedy's birthday until the end of the month.  Since I couldn't wait that long to celebrate her- we decided to do two separate, small celebrations this year.  Her birthday weekend was this past weekend and Brady's parents came down to help us celebrate. 

Kennedy doesn't need a big production to have the best day of her life. When I asked Kennedy what she wanted for her birthday she said, cake!" Then I said, "ok but what about a present" "hmm cupcakes!"  So my bar was set pretty low. So I kept this so simple.  Blew up a few balloons I already had, made cupcakes and called it a party. 

Kennedy loved helping me with every step of the baking process of her cupcakes. 

 I love that you can see Beckett tearing up my cupboards in the background, haha.
Kennedy's gift this year was a full size bed. Her crib converted into one and we have been wanting to get her one for a while. She needed more room for her and her stuffed animals, plus it will be nice to have another bed for when we have guests over. We have been missing having two bedrooms for guests since Beckett was born. She was so excited for her bed!  Her comforter will be here this week! 

 Can you see her in there?  This is why we needed a bigger bed for all of her friends.
Her new comforter came today to complete her big girl room!
I had to include this one because her hair is amazing and it shows how ecstatic she is!

Next, I knew I wanted to take her somewhere, anywhere for her birthday. She LOVES going places and experiencing new things. So, we spent the afternoon at Hunt's Apple Orchard.  This was a new one this year for us and she had a blast.  In true Kennedy fashion everything was the most exciting thing. We picked pumpkins to carve, went on a hay ride, watched a show, went through the petting zoo, and mazes. 

We came home and let her open her gifts from Grandma and Papa Denny. She got a Frozen picture for her room, Frozen Blanket , jean jacket (yay!) and a lot of new clothes. (Which she needed, she is growing like a weed) 

We ate "kneeza" (pizza) for dinner and then came the best part, cupcakes! 

Kennedy has been talking about her birthday for months. It's probably going to confuse her to have another party at the end of the month, but she will love her new Elsa costume and celebrating with her cousins.  I let her open her costume but I hid it in the closet, hoping she will forget about it until the party. I had to share this sneak peak of her as Elsa, isn't she just the cutest?