Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Frozen 3rd Birthday Party

Since October was a busy month for my whole family, we had to wait until the end of the month to celebrate October birthdays. Saturday we celebrated Rilyn's 4th birthday and Kennedy's 3rd birthday with a Frozen party, of course.  Even though everybody is doing these, it didn't make any sense for them to not be Elsa on their birthday, since they wear capes and pretend to be Elsa every other day!

Megan and I borrowed a ton of decorations from friends and decorated Friday night.  The Koetemans spent the night so I got to wake both birthday girls up with balloons. 
When Kennedy walked down and saw all the decorations and said "wow, thank you momma."  So sweet and it made all the work worth it. :)
Elsa and Elsa before the party

Siblings before the party.  Kennedy decided that Beckett should be Olaf and it was an easy enough costume for me to make.
All the cousins arrived and were so excited to see each other they just ran around and played for awhile. Everybody dressed as their favorite Frozen character.  We had two Elsas, Two Kristoffs, 1 Sven, 1 Anna and an Olaf.   We quickly snapped a billion cousins pictures and we finally got them all looking at the camera!

We had a sled out for one of our games and the kids just took turns pulling each other, especially Sven (Jonathan) who took his job as the reindeer very seriously.

 Next did our craft/snack- Do You Want to Build a Snowman? 

We opened gifts next.  Kennedy LOVES opening gifts and flew through it.  Her favorite gift was definitely her Frozen dolls gift set from her Aunts and Uncles.  They are also putting money towards her gymnastics classes that she starts this week!

Then we let the kids watch Frozen. Always pick a movie theme when planning a party!  Then you can let them watch the show for a bit and the adults can chat or set up for the next thing. 
Next stop- lunch! We stole this cute menu from Pinterest and followed it exactly. So easy and the kids loved it! 

After lunch we went outside for more games.  Megan froze a bunch of ice blocks and we had ice races! We let the birthday girls go first.  I think they missed the word "race" haha they slowly pulled their ice to the fence and thought it was great. Then the rest of the cousins raced.

Megan froze little toys/coins inside the blocks of ice for our next game, ice chipping.  The kids used tools to break the ice and get to their toys. 

After naps we ate an early dinner and then loaded up the cars. Our local gymnastics place was having a trick or treat open house and we knew all the kids would love it, especially the birthday girls! And they did! They could do an obstacle course, trampoline and bouncy house. Such a fun way to end a perfect birthday party day! 

Just a few more pictures from the day I promise...


Monday, October 27, 2014

16 months for Mr. Beck.

I know I promised not to post every month anymore; but so much has happened that I want to remember in Mr. Beck's life.
I want to remember that you are a momma's boy and I'm ok with it. :) you pull my face in and give me a big slobbery kiss on the cheek. You get a little over whelmed with the chaos of the daycare and you just want to sit on my lap.  You crawl over to me, say momma, sign please, and hold your arms up asking to be picked up. I am soaking in every minute of these extra snuggles.  Your sister was not very snuggly and during non-daycare hours you are way to busy/independent to let me hold you. 

You are all boy! You play catch with yourself most of the day.  You throw the ball (really well I might add) then start crawling after it as fast as u can. You really just play with balls, cars, tractors and books.  In fact, I packed all the baby toys up. (Sad day!)  You also say "cheese" when I take your picture, it is so funny.

You had a week about halfway through the month that they call a "wonder week."  Every time we tried to get you to walk using our hands or a push toy, you just buckled your legs. I felt like you just didn't understand what we were trying to get you to do. So, we borrowed a walker from a friend. It took you a couple days but all of the sudden you were cruising around the kitchen. You love to chase us around in it.

The very next day you started showing interesting in your push toy.  All of the sudden, that night you pulled yourself up and pushed the toy across the room! The whole family cheered and clapped, I love that you  laughed the whole time. You are so proud of yourself. (Check that off the therapy goals list!) 

You also like to push toys while walking on your knees and you can sit on it and walk yourself backwards.

The next day you started climbing stairs! (Another therapy goal).  Although we were dreading the day you met this goal since we have a split level house :(.  We knew this was a skill you needed to master so we can start to teach you how to go down the stairs safely. You also climbed the stairs to our little slide outside.  
Since you are progressing so well, we were able to cut down to only two therapy sessions a month. Our only goals left are standing up on your own (using nothing to help) and walking! Our goal is to meet them by the time you turn 18 months, basically Christmas!
This month we have been enjoying watching Tad play soccer on Sunday and spending some cool days at the mall play place, which you are loving!