Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Royal Suites at Yucatan- Riviera Maya, Mexico

Brady and I have been talking about taking a 5 year anniversary trip since the day we for back from our honeymoon to Mexico.  We just had so much fun and couldn't wait to go back. In October we started trying to plan it.  I just did not want to go back in May (our actual anniversary) it's hot and I would prefer a break in the Winter.  We started looking at flights in February.  Everything was way more than we paid 5 years ago.  Out of curiosity I typed in a few dates in December.  700$ cheaper! I'm a sucker for a good deal so we booked them.  Since we saved a bunch we upgraded a little to stay at the nicest resort within our resort. (there were 5 resorts within our one complex) I was so excited and also worried about leaving my kids in just 7 weeks.  I have left them both a hand full of times over night, but the longest was a few days.   I just didn't know if I could actually get on the plane.  But I just prayed that I could live in the moment, not have anxiety, and enjoy each day in Mexico.  My prayers were answered! Our trip was absolutely amazing.  I wouldn't change anything.  We spent the whole week trying to figure out how we could financially make it work to come back every year.  The only answer we came up with was winning the lottery, darn. I thought I would share way too many pictures from the trip!

We spent a lot of time at our Resorts private pool that was close to our room.

We spent time two different days at the SPA!

Some pictures of one of the main pool and swim up bar


Eating Breakfast at our favorite restaurant- ElJardin


We spent one afternoon playing mini-golf, trying archery and rifle shooting.

Dinner on the beach

Salt Water pool- One of our favorite spots

Dinner our Last night


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thanksgiving in South Dakota

Thanksgiving 2014
Since we trade holidays with our families, Thanksgiving this year was scheduled to be in South Dakota with Brady's family.  There were a lot of things that were really hard about our trip to be honest.  7 hour road trips with kids who don't sleep well in the car and a sick and teething little guy which lead to very little sleep for the whole family.  But after a few days we got into the swing of things.  The kids learned what they could and couldn't play with. (This is always hard at a new place that isn't baby proofed) and we came to terms with the idea that we would be up a good part of each night. But, of course, the good outweighs the bad when family time is involved and I am thankful for so much this Thanksgiving.

I'm thankful for family. This was the first time Brady's whole family has been together in a long time.  His nephew is a Marine so he can't get back very often.  Everybody was only together for Thanksgiving day and for a little bit on Friday. We took a family picture and ate way too much food! 


I am thankful for the weather. The weather was unseasonably warm for November in South Dakota.  We got the kids outside to play a lot on Friday and Saturday.  Kennedy loves playing on the farm, it was made even more fun this year with a  new fun toy from grandpa, a motorized car.

 We got to play in the snow when it was 50 out, perfect.
"What is this cold stuff"

She thought this was the best snowman ever, I love this about her.

I'm also so thankful for the friendship between these sweet siblings.  I noticed on the trip that they were paying more attention to each other, making each other laugh, and really enjoying playing together more.  I even watched Kennedy walk over and kiss him in the head a few times.  So sweet.

I am so thankful for these cuties.

Therapy/Taking steps

So, I have not done a therapy update in awhile...that's because we quit. =)  At about 16 months, Beckett had made all of his goals, except for walking.  We were doing the same things at therapy every week and it was stuff that we can easily do at home, and we were.  Then we got our first bill for back in July.  It was A LOT.  So, I called our therapist to see what she thought.  I told her we would keep doing it if she felt like we needed it.  She said she felt like he was getting strong enough and with enough practice and will, he would walk on his own.  She went ahead and wrote us a release and we started working hard at home. She warned us that if he didn't walk before his 18 month well-check then the doctor would probably send us back to therapy.  New goal- have Beckett walking by Christmas.  Plus, I thought it would be so fun to see him toddling around on Christmas.

He then started walking on his knees.  It cracked us up and he had to be pretty strong to be able to do this all over the house. He seriously prefers this over crawling.

But he still couldn't stand on his own and when we would put him down and try to get him to stand or walk, his knees would buckle.  We knew he was strong enough, he just had to decide he wanted to do it.  His favorite trick and yoga move- downward dog.

Fast forward a few months, Brady and I went on our trip to Mexico last week.  Since he wasn't showing any signs that he would walk, I joked with everybody that he would walk when we were gone, but I didn't actually didn't think he would. As December 25 got closer and closer I got discouraged that we might be heading back to therapy. We got home late Monday night and my dad said he had something to tell us.  That Beckett had taken two steps away from the couch.  I was shocked but figured it was a fluke and he would take awhile to do it again.  About an hour later my dad called back, he said he needed to confess something.  That day, Megan had set Beckett down and he actually didn't buckle his knees and he stood up.  Then took 7 steps, changed directions, and walked 7 more!!  I cried.  I am with my kids 99.5% of the time and I missed it? 

The next morning he didn't walk at all.  I started thinking that this was a weird joke they were playing on me.  As the day went on he took a few steps. But it wasn't until Wednesday evening that he really started taking a bunch of steps for us.  And today he is walking half the distance of the room!  It is like he just needed a little confidence that he could do it.  He is really very sturdy and only stops walking when he gets to something or when he decides to sit down. 

We are so proud of this guy! He walked at 17 and a half months, the exact same as Kennedy! It has been a long road to get him here, but he did it.  There is so much more reward when you work hard for something.  Milestones are really exciting with the first kid.  Some people claim with the second you barely notice, but they have been just as exciting with Beckett.  It is always a whole family affair; we cheer him on, clap and try to take as many videos as possible! I love how all our friends have asked us how therapy is go all along the way and they are now rejoicing with us through his victory.  I love living life with our community. We love you Beckett Nile!