Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Halloween and the Beginning of November

Sometimes I feel like holidays are an all month event and we are ok with that! This blog ended up being a summary of our Halloween activities and the last two weekends.

We started dressing up a few weeks early when we went trick-or-treating in Des Moines while we were there.  Kennedy loved this! The kids just walked from house to house at Living History Farms and we got to ride on a hayride.

Then we had Kennedy and Rilyn's Frozen birthday party so we spent another weekend in costumes!

Since the girls got their new costumes for their party, they have worn them every single day last week.  We also had our daycare Halloween party on last Thursday.  We dressed up, did a craft, ate pumpkins fruit snacks, went "trick-or treating" and watched a Halloween show.

We also painted and carved pumpkins as a family.  We decided just to let the kids paint pumpkins in the kitchen since the weather is cooling off.  Beckett wasn't sure what to do with the paint, so he ate some of course.  Kennedy thought it was great.  After baths, we laid Beckett down and then Kennedy "helped" us carve ours.  She loves anything that she gets to do because she is a big kid. 
Thankfully we got all of these fun Halloween things in before sickness hit our house.  

We had a fun Halloween get-together planned with all our friends and their kids for Halloween night. But we had to cancel the friends Halloween because Beckett had contracted hand, foot, and mouth from the daycare. He was miserable on Halloween day, he didn't eat and barely drank anything. He cried or fussed most of the day. By the evening we just had to get him outside. We bundled the kids up and took them to a few houses on our street.  Kennedy loved, "tricker my treat." We laid Beckett down early and Kennedy got to help us pass out candy. She picked out a special piece of candy every time for her "friends" that came trick or treating. 

The next day, Saturday was my birthday and we spent the day at home with grumpy Beckett bear. Last minute my sister planned a birthday dinner with my friends.  It was just what I needed to get out of the house for a bit and chat! Then we headed out to our Halloween party. 
Sophia Grave and Rosie (Ellen anyone?)
We refused to miss out on a hang out with our friends and their kids so we rescheduled our Halloween get together for this weekend. I'm so glad we did! The kids had so much fun playing, eating dinner and doing a Halloween craft. Look at all these cute kids in their costumes! 

After our kid's Halloween party we finally got to go out country dancing with our friends. We wanted to go for Megan and Brady's birthdays in October but also had to reschedule that. We had so much fun! The girls all tried to learn new line dancing moves and of course Brady and I got to dance. 

After family pictures Saturday morning (can't wait to share them when we get them back :) Brady and I went to a friend of Brady's from work's wedding. We always look at weddings as a fun date night and a plus was that half of our small group was invited and some of the wives of KCPL were there too. These last two weeks have been busy, but filled with such fun things!

Family Pictures Fall 2014

 We got our family pictures taken this past weekend.   It was so cold, windy, and at least one member of our family needed a nap. (probably more than one...) But our good friend, Kelsey, still managed to get some really great pics! I am impressed with what she was working with!  My goal is to get family pictures taken each Fall, to see how our family grows and changes.  Every Fall our church does a "picture this" event where all the proceeds go to our church's children's ministry.  Two years ago we announced Beckett's pregnancy through these pics and last year was our first set of pictures as a family of four.  We may not get a perfect picture each year where we are all smiling or our hair isn't crazy, but it will document each phase of life as imperfect and wonderful as it is! 

The kids hit their wall and would not take anymore pictures so we didn't get any "sibling" pictures.  So, I tried to dress them back up to take a few and they still wouldn't smile for me.  It is so impossible to get them to sit still right now, yet alone look at the camera and almost never smile.  But oh well, they are so adorable!


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Frozen 3rd Birthday Party

Since October was a busy month for my whole family, we had to wait until the end of the month to celebrate October birthdays. Saturday we celebrated Rilyn's 4th birthday and Kennedy's 3rd birthday with a Frozen party, of course.  Even though everybody is doing these, it didn't make any sense for them to not be Elsa on their birthday, since they wear capes and pretend to be Elsa every other day!

Megan and I borrowed a ton of decorations from friends and decorated Friday night.  The Koetemans spent the night so I got to wake both birthday girls up with balloons. 
When Kennedy walked down and saw all the decorations and said "wow, thank you momma."  So sweet and it made all the work worth it. :)
Elsa and Elsa before the party

Siblings before the party.  Kennedy decided that Beckett should be Olaf and it was an easy enough costume for me to make.
All the cousins arrived and were so excited to see each other they just ran around and played for awhile. Everybody dressed as their favorite Frozen character.  We had two Elsas, Two Kristoffs, 1 Sven, 1 Anna and an Olaf.   We quickly snapped a billion cousins pictures and we finally got them all looking at the camera!

We had a sled out for one of our games and the kids just took turns pulling each other, especially Sven (Jonathan) who took his job as the reindeer very seriously.

 Next did our craft/snack- Do You Want to Build a Snowman? 

We opened gifts next.  Kennedy LOVES opening gifts and flew through it.  Her favorite gift was definitely her Frozen dolls gift set from her Aunts and Uncles.  They are also putting money towards her gymnastics classes that she starts this week!

Then we let the kids watch Frozen. Always pick a movie theme when planning a party!  Then you can let them watch the show for a bit and the adults can chat or set up for the next thing. 
Next stop- lunch! We stole this cute menu from Pinterest and followed it exactly. So easy and the kids loved it! 

After lunch we went outside for more games.  Megan froze a bunch of ice blocks and we had ice races! We let the birthday girls go first.  I think they missed the word "race" haha they slowly pulled their ice to the fence and thought it was great. Then the rest of the cousins raced.

Megan froze little toys/coins inside the blocks of ice for our next game, ice chipping.  The kids used tools to break the ice and get to their toys. 

After naps we ate an early dinner and then loaded up the cars. Our local gymnastics place was having a trick or treat open house and we knew all the kids would love it, especially the birthday girls! And they did! They could do an obstacle course, trampoline and bouncy house. Such a fun way to end a perfect birthday party day! 

Just a few more pictures from the day I promise...