Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Briggs Buddy is 5 Months Old!

Happy 5 Months Sweet Briggs.  Even though it doesn't seem possible, you get easier and happier every month.  When I prayed for you, I always prayed for a baby with an easy-going personality that could fit nicely into our crazy lives.  I knew I needed a baby that was flexible and pretty self-independent, and God provided all of those things in you. 

You have gotten so strong this month!!   At your 4 month well check the doctor said you had an "obvious gross motor delay."  I was a little shocked to hear this.  I really felt like you were stronger than your siblings were and you were making progress.  But she was concerned about your neck strength and that you wouldn't put weight on your legs.  She recommended that we get you evaluated at the same physical therapist that Beckett went too. It took us a week to get you into the physical therapist.  In that week you decided to prove the doctor wrong! You started rolling over, holding you head up better and bearing weight on your legs!  At your evaluation you scored right on track for your age and the therapist said you wouldn't need therapy!  She gave us a few things to work on at home and so we work hard getting you stronger at every wake time. 

All of hard work is paying off, your neck is so strong! Tummy time is always spent with others around here.

You can roll both ways now!

Your trunk and neck are strong enough for your exersaucer and bumbo, you love sitting up and seeing what is going on.

You are working on sitting!  You can use your arms to hold yourself up for a few minutes. 

Since you started rolling, we had to work on unswaddling your arms.  This was a slow process at first because you have always loved to be swaddled up tight, we took one arm out first.  But now you can sleep with your arms out.  I still swaddle your body up tight, this has not affected your sleep, thankfully!

Speaking of your sleep, you are still doing great!!  You take 3-4 naps a day and sleep 10-12 hours at night!  That means some months you sleep from 7:30-7:30! But most nights you still wake once between 4-5 to nurse but then you go right back to sleep.  At this age, but your siblings were sleeping their worst and in "the 4 month sleep regression." But, knock on wood, this does not seem to be applying to you at all!

Your fine motor skills are also improving.  You can grab a toy and bring it to your mouth and reach out for toys on your exersaucer.  You still love to chew on your hands, built in toy!

You are ticklist under your chin and arms that you belly laugh at me when I change your clothes.  You love to laugh and coo at everybody and you don't seem to have any stranger anxiety yet.

You schedule is about the same.  Your wake time has stretched to more like 70 minutes and you take three naps.  You still eat every 3 to 3 and a half hours.  You are in 6-9 month clothes and weigh about 15.5 pounds. 
We love you Briggs Stetson!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy Half Birthday Beckett!

Somehow I always almost miss Beckett's half birthday blog, probably because it is two days before Christmas.  But, Beckett definitely still deserves a post even if it's late. :)

Beckett, this has been the most fun half year and your personality has been a big part of that!  You have good comedic timing, you understand that people find you funny/cute and you know how to make people laugh. You are our little parrot still, you repeat the funniest things and you love to walk around singing.  You get real complete thoughts out in pretty long sentences. You are simply hilarious.

This half year you turned into the middle child of our family. Your little brother, Briggs, was born. You called him Briggs Stetson at first but now you call him Briggs Buddy. You really do like him and never went through a jealous phase when he joined our family.  I can't wait to see this relationship grow and I pray daily for your brotherly bond.  

You love "DD" so much. You want to know where she is all the time and you two are really starting to play well together. You miss her when she is at Pre-school but you enjoy your time with just me too. 

As much as you love Kennedy, Dada is your favorite person in the whole world.  You love to watch the Huskers with him, play tackle and catch.  You would sit on his lap and make him hold you all day every day if he could.  

You are so smart. You can count to 13 by yourself, say your ABC's and identify almost 20 letters! But you don't know any colors yet, some days I am convinced you are tricking us and you really know them all!
You are still working on your gross motor skills.  You have become fairly coordinated and you seem to know your limits.  At the park, I don't have to worry about you because you are so cautious and ask for help if you need it.  There are a few milestones that you are a little behind on still, so the doctor recommended that we put you in gymnastics like your sister, I can't wait until you start!

You definitely have a mind of your own right now and will do things on your own terms.  You refuse to potty train. Oh well, they say when they are ready it will be easy so we will just wait patiently.  You also refuse to even try drinking out of a cup without a lid. We always heard that second children want to do things early to keep up with their big sibling, but this really hasn't been the case with you.
(Take this picture for example.  You refused to look at the camera and insisted on holding a dandelion)

You are very much a 2 year old boy. :) You play hard and love balls and trucks, and you also throw fits when you don't get your way.  You love to be outside driving your tractors through the sandbox, swing or playing in the snow.  You still love your dog dog and took all his stuffing out.  You like to play with Poms and pieces of fuzz, ha! 

You got your first real haircut and you look so handsome.  =)

You wear mostly 2t clothes and some 3t shirts and pants.  You are starting to care what you wear right now and would live in your favorite Superman PJ's if we let you. You wear size 5 diapers and sizes 7 and 8 in shoes. You weigh about 27 pounds.

  You go to bed around 7:30/8 but it takes you a long time to fall asleep. You still wake up about once a week in the middle of the night, but you are getting better at going back to sleep much faster.  You take great 2-3 hour naps in the afternoon.  You have to have your Dog Dog to sleep still.  When we lay you down different places, you can sleep in a bed, we don't have to keep you in a pack n play anymore.

You have really come out of your shell lately and you don't act shy around new people or large groups, we pray this continues.  You play so well with your sister, cousins, or by yourself.  You are simply a joy to be around, keep us on our toes and keep us laughing!  We love you so much Mr. Beckettboo!  Happy half birthday!  I am sure these next 6 months will be just as entertaining as the last! 

4 Month well-check stats!

 4 Month Well-Check Stats


25 and 1/2inches
25 and 34inches
27 inches


13lbs 10oz
14lbs 14oz

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas 2015

As I have mentioned before, we trade off holidays with our families.  This year Christmas was with the Purvis family.  Since Brady had to work until 4 on Christmas Eve we decided to stay and drive up Christmas Day.  We don't like driving in the evening because then the kids get to bed really late and we start the trip off on no sleep. Plus, we love going to our Christmas Eve service at our church, and rarely get to attend.

So, on Christmas Eve I got the kids up from napped, fed Beiggs, got us all dressed, took the sibling Christmas picture and we headed out the door to get Brady from work on our way to church.  During Christmas Eve service the kids stay in the service with you. The kids actually did pretty good! Neither of them understand how to whisper :) but everybody got to stay in for the whole service.  I gave the kids one of their gifts before church so they could play with them at church. (Dollar section items for the win!) Briggs just snoozed away in his car seat. I just love Christmas Eve service at our church!

After church we went to Koeteman's house to eat a quick dinner and celebrate Jesus' birthday with a cake.  

Then we headed home to let the kids unwrap the presents from us. We always do the three gifts; something they want, something they need, and something they can read.  Beckett cracked us up opening gifts this year.  Each time he would get one thing he loved and he wasn't interested in opening anything else, he was too excited about his airplane this time! 

Kennedy's 3 Gifts

Beckett's 3 Gifts
Briggs' 3 Gifts
Christmas Day we woke up way too early and hit the road.  We had the best road trip of this middle man's career. All three kids even napped at the same time and we only had to stop once for bathroom breaks and to feed Briggs. 

We had Christmas dinner when we got into town with family from both sides of Brady's family. Once all the extended family left the kids got to open their presents from grandma and grandpa. Again, Beckett got stuck on his stocking stuffer football that he wasn't interested in the good stuff. Ha. 

We spent the next three days relaxing, playing and eating in South Dakota.  Beckett is finally old enough to appreciate all the fun things about the farm; four wheelers, tractors, cows etc. Kennedy enjoyed helping grandma cook and playing with her new toys.  Briggs slept well and was happy the whole time! 

The way home was a completely different story than the way there.  But at least this picture makes it look like it was peaceful right?  We will pretend it was. =)