Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Briggs- 8 Months

Our youngest turned 8 months old!

...and he is as sweet as he looks!

 I think the biggest news for this month is that you got your first two teeth!!  We honestly didn't even know they were coming.  You are always drooly and chew on everything, but you were never once fussy, one day the first one on the bottom popped through and a week later the second.

You are still working on sitting!  You can do it for a little longer all of the time, but then you see something that you want on the floor and you roll yourself onto the floor so you can get it.  Even though you are behind your siblings with this skill, you are still pretty mobile.  You can pretty much roll to whatever you want.  You love to play in your exersaucer or just roll around on the floor with toys.  I am not sure if you will ever sit because you just would rather be rolling around. 

I promised in last month's post that I would get his schedule figured out before you turned 8 months, and we did!  I started stretching your schedule to a 4 hour schedule.  Basically you nurse 4-5 times a day and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with us.  We stopped giving you your acid reflux medicine and I am even able eat dairy again.  You still spit up a lot but it doesn't seem to hurt or bother you anymore.  You also love drinking out a sippy cup at every meal! 

You actually don't take the paci much anymore.  You were only a paci baby for about a month, ha. You are obsessed with tags though.  This reminds us so much of your brother.  You love to find the tag on toys and you love your taggie blanket, just like your brother.  You are reminding me of your sister right now because you are constantly moving your hands and feet, especially when we are feeding you baby food.

You LOVE baby food!  You eat three times a day and eat between 1-2 of the big containers.  You are still chocking on puffs and are not sure what to do with them, so we will try those again later.  You really love the vegetables and actually the fruit baby food takes you a few more tries to love. 

You are really enjoying being outside this month!  We have been going on walks a lot and I don't even need to pack anything for you.  You just sit there and look around, happy as can be. 

You had your first bad sickness this month. You had croup and a double ear infection.  You have been so healthy, so it has been hard seeing you so sick!

You and your cousin, Brielle, are really loving each other.  Most babies at this age just play side by side, but you two really interact with each other, laugh, and grab at each other.  You even share toys!

You are wearing size 12 clothes, 3 diapers, and 3 shoes. 

8 month old Schedule
6-7 Wake up and Nurse
7:30 Breakfast
8:30 Nap (2 hours)
11:30 Nurse
12:00 Lunch
1:30 Nap (2 hours)
4 Nurse
5:30 Dinner
6:30/7 Nurse/bottle/bed

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter this year was crazy! Since I work on Easter morning now, it adds a new level of stress to our already crazy morning.  First, we had a fundraiser for church where the middle schoolers left eggs in the yard.  So, we had a quick Egg hunt to start our morning.  Beckett wasn't excited about it until we told him there was candy inside, then he was all about it!

Then we got the token sibling pic.  It seriously took 100 tries! We also got a few cute family pics as well.
Seriously, this guy is too cute for his own good!

So is this guy!

After church we ate sandwiches and quickly headed to nap time.  After nap, we went to the Koeteman's house for our Easter meal.  We let the kids decorate eggs, which they loved but was way to messy!

 Then Megan made Resurrection rolls and we told the Easter Story.
Then we had another Easter Egg Hunt in the backyard, ate dinner and headed home for bed.

Monday, April 4, 2016


The week before Easter was crazy for us! Wonderful, but crazy!

Thursday we went to Kansas City to meet our new niece.  I just took Briggs down and got a sitter for the big kids.  I wanted to be there when she was born and I wasn't sure how well the kids would do in the hospital all day.  Brady worked a half a day and then brought them down to meet their cousin.  Eden Sue Stetson (my brother and his wife's third child) is perfect and everybody is doing well. 

Once Brady brought the kids down, they stayed for about an hour and then we loaded up to drive to Des Moines.  This is how road trips are still going for us.... yay!

That evening my Dad and Lois watched the big kids and we went out to dinner with my friends.  We have been trying to connect with them for awhile so it was nice to see them while we were in town for a few hours.

That night was one of the worst I have had in motherhood.  Well, at least it was the least sleep I have ever gotten!  Briggs barely slept all day.  We were on the go all day and he was just awake and happy.  But then he hit his wall.  Which I honestly didn't even know that he had because he hasn't ever got this over tired before.  Our family of 5 was all sleeping in one room and we made it about 10 minutes together.  Briggs started screaming and woke Beckett.  It is never good to wake that child, he really struggles to fall back to sleep.  I took Briggs out to the living room.  I planned to just get him calmed down and go back but we never left.  He only slept for about 20 minutes at a time and only on my chest.  Although this is so sweet, (he never does this!) I can't sleep with him sleeping on me.  I worry too much.  My fit bit said I slept 3 hours, I really think that is double what I actually slept.  lol

The next morning we loaded up again.  The Koetemans, Brady, Briggs and I headed over to Illinois to see extended family.  We left Beckett and Kennedy saw how car rides go.  Plus, we knew we would be spending a lot of time in the nursing home and rushing from one thing to the next.  We knew they would have way more fun with Grandpa Rob and Lois and they did!  It sounds like they did really great for them!

Briggs did amazing the rest of the trip.  He napped in his car seat when we were out and about and he slept great in the hotel room.  It is always so special to me to see my grandparents hold my babies.  We crammed a ton into the 36 hours we were there and we saw a lot of people.  We drove back through Des Moines Sat evening, picked up the kids and headed home.  It was a whirlwind of a couple of days and we all took good naps after Easter Service on Sunday!

7 Months for Briggs

Happy 7 Months to my Sweet Briggs!!  Brady said that now you are closer to one than a newborn and I could have cried, surely that is not true!!

You have never been a paci baby, you really have not taken one since you were about a week old  But, right when you turned 6 months I notices that you were really starting to "teeth."  One day I just handed you a paci to see if you would chomp on it a bit.  You immediately starting sucking on it like you had been all along.  We don't give it to you for night or naps.  We figured since you are capable of putting yourself to sleep without it, we didn't want to give it to you and have to retrain you to sleep without it later.  Now you just get it in your car seat and if you are playing and need it. We bought you a little paci buddy that you love!  I love this little paci face.
The other big news this month is that Briggs is eating baby food! We tried baby cereal a few days before you turned 6 months.  Since you did so good with that, we tried green beans right away.  You are a pro.  You picked it up and have liked everything that you have tried, all vegetables so far.  You are up to eating food twice a day and eat almost a whole baby food container mixed with cereal and milk!

You are our most spitty/drooly baby.  You have to wear a bib all day and we still end up changing both of our outfits at least once a day! I still can't eat dairy yet because it makes you spit up even more and it even makes your skin break out a little. 

You are working on sitting, and can do it on your own for almost a minute, but still not for an extended period of time by yourself. 
You started riding in the big double stroller with brother this month!  We go on walks a lot with our neighbors, the Halseys, and with Dada in the evening.  You are just quiet and look around!

Stranger anxiety has started for you.  This is a normal development stage that they actually want babies to go through, but it still break my heart when you cry in the nursery or when someone else holds you.  You really only do it ever once and a while and normally are ok if you can still see me.

You have started blowing raspberries with your lips but you don't have any other new sounds yet!

This month we went on a long road trip and you did awesome!  We first went to KC to meet your new cousin, Eden Sue.  Then we went to Des Moines and then on to Illinois.  You never once cried in the car and took naps on the go whenever you needed.  We did have one hard night at Grandpa Rob's house, but we will try to forget about that. =)  You got to meet your Great-Grandma and Grandpa Brown and your Great-grandma Stetson.

This month you have started really stretching out.  You are starting to look more like your string bean siblings and less like the chunky monkey you have been.  You are wearing all 12 months clothes because you need everything extra long for your height.  You are still wearing size 3 diapers.

You celebrated your first Easter this month! 

Since you are rolling around so much, you have learned how to sleep on your tummy. In other sleeping news, you have been sleeping through the night consistently!  I have not had to wake to feed you for almost two weeks.  You go from about 7-7.  Some mornings you wake earlier, but we just start our day earlier. 

You are such a go with the flow baby and you are so flexible.  Since our lives are a little crazier now and you are so laid back, your schedule is pretty all over the place.  More so than the other kids at this point for sure!  You still want to eat every 3 hours or so.  I wish you were more at 4 hours by this point, but we will get there. 

We love you "Briggsy"