Tuesday, August 9, 2016

11 Months!

Happy 11 Months Mr. Briggs! 

I love this scrunchy-faced smile

This month you finally learned how to clap!  You clap all the time now, you are so proud of yourself
You use to wave bye-bye but forgot how for a little bit, but now you are back to waving bye-bye!

You still are not crawling but you are so close!  You get up on all fours and can "crawl" one or two movements and then you fall to your belly.  I think you just know you are faster that way and you just need to gain some confidence.  Plus, you like to army crawl because then you can still hold onto your toys or lion.  =)

You can't pull yourself up yet, but you can stand and play for awhile if we put you there.  You can pull yourself up to your knees to play.

You like to babble sounds but you have not said any words yet.  I am sure it will be a matter of time before you will pick some up!

You had Hand, Foot, and Mouth this month.  You were pretty miserable for a couple of days and had a hard time swallowing since the sores were in your throat.

We did some travelling this month and you win The Best Traveler Award!  Seriously, after your brother, we thank God for this daily!  Our whole trip to Des Moines you just sat there, played with your feet or laughed at your brother.  You would just fall asleep when you were tired, drank your milk from your sippy, and ate cheerios from your snack cup.  I don't even know if I handed you a toy the whole time!

You are also very content in a stroller.  You love going on walks and don't need anything to entertain you.  We "Walked for Water" as a family again this year and you just sat there and looked around while we walked three miles right during your nap time. 

You love your cousin Brielle, it has been fun watching your relationship change over this year.  Now you guys have started stealing toys from each other and "patting" each other on the head. (and grabbing each other's hair)

You still nurse in the morning and night.  You drink about 4oz of milk from your sippy around lunch and after you wake up from your afternoon nap.  You still nap two times a day; 9 and 1:30.  You go to bed around 7 and wake up about 6:30. 

11 Month Stats
5 teeth
Size 12-18 Month clothes
Size 3 diapers
Size 4 shoes (if we ever put them on you!)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

New House

I thought I would share how we randomly moved at the beginning of June! It is a good story and I don't want to forget the details. 

We have always been "kind of" looking for a new house.  We LOVED our old house but we had a few things that we eventually wanted in a house.  1- some land and 2- we wanted a house in Savannah. (a smaller town just North of Saint Joseph.)  Brady had been looking in Savannah for a long time and we just didn't find anything in the pretty specific part of town that we wanted to live and in our price range. Our goal was to be in the Savannah school district before Kennedy started school. Finally, I had decided that it would be ok if we had to wait a few years and Kennedy would just have to switch districts a few years into school.  One day Brady and Nick went and looked at a house and it was definitely not the one.  He saw a sign for some lots for sale down a private drive.  They got out and checked out the land.  We knew we couldn't afford to build for a few years but he was feeling pretty desperate.  While checking out the land the owner of one of the two houses on the cald-e-sac came out and flagged Brady down.  She asked if he was looking to buy a house or build, because she was planning to put hers on the market in a few months.  Brady took a picture of her house and came home to tell me about it.  I just didn't think we could afford it (because I was convinced our house wouldn't sell for much) so I kind of dismissed it.  Two days later I was on a walk with Megan and my friend Nicole.  We ran into two other moms going for a walk and we randomly stopped and made small talk with them.  One of the girls mentioned that she lived in Savannah and then she started raving about her neighborhood and I quickly realized she lived one street over from this house!  I told her about how Brady saw the house and she tried to convince me to buy it and told me how well it was built and how it was a really peaceful place to live, etc. 

Some time passed and the house was always on the back of our minds.  Finally, we decided it wouldn't hurt to look at it.  We thought we may not like it anyway so then we could stop thinking about it.  We went to look at it on a Wednesday night.  I knew, before we had even left that we would be putting in an offer.  It had land, was in a private and safe location and it was in the school district we wanted and the location of town we wanted.

Thursday morning we put our house on the market and put in a contingency offer on the new house!  But we knew a lot of things had to fall into place, so we tried not to get our hopes up.  The lady selling the house said she would be putting it on the market in a week, the following Thursday.  We knew if it went on the market it would get an offer that was better than ours.  It was a really good deal with almost 6 acres of land and houses in Savannah have been selling really fast.  I honestly thought there is no way we could get this house.  We put our house on the market (without a realtor) for way more than we needed to get out of it (or then I thought it was worth).  We figured this would give us room to negotiate.   We showed the house 4 times in the next 6 days.  This was a nightmare with three kids and a dog!  We ate several meals while driving around town. haha.  But, it was all worth it, on Wednesday (just one week from when we looked at the house) we got an offer!  And almost a full price offer at that!! This was just one day before the new house was scheduled to go on the market!  Another bonus was that the family buying our house didn't need a contingency and we found out that he was the pastor of a church in Saint Joseph.  They have 4 kids similar ages to our kids.  It gave me so much peace to know that a sweet family would be raising their kids there.  I met the little girl (about a year older than Kennedy) that would sleep in her new room and they even bought her bed from us.  I also met the baby that was just a month younger than Briggs that would be put to sleep in our nursery, and it just all felt so right. 

After our counter off, they accepted!  Then we called and let the lady selling the new house know we had sold ours. We then started the process of inspections, loans, packing and cleaning.  It was probably the busiest couple months of our lives. 
The week before we closed, we started getting serious about packing.  We borrowed a trailer and packed it full of things we wouldn't need the next week.

The night before we closed we had a moving party.  We had tons of people come and help us move!  We had everything out of the house in no time.  Briggs had just entered a big stranger anxiety phase so I spent most of the moving days with him strapped to me. 

Friday morning we got the last few things out, said good-bye to our house.  This house was the perfect house for the first 5+ years as we started our family.  We brought home all three babies home to that house, watched kids learn to crawl, walk, and talk there, and became our family of five.  The nursery will always have a special place in my heart.  I sobbed as I nursed Briggs one final time there Friday morning.  Whether it be nighttime feedings, sick babies or countless diaper changes, that nursery will forever be where all my memories of our babies take place.  

After walking through one last time together and saying good-bye we went to close on both houses.  We then spent the rest of Friday moving in and starting to unpack.

The Koetemans had been watching our big kids since Thursday.  I wanted to have their room and most of the main rooms of the house all put together before they saw the house.  Just knowing Kennedy, I knew the whole moving process would stress her out and make her anxious.  So, on Saturday morning the Koetemans brought the kids home for the first time!  It was so fun watching them run from room to room and exploring the outside.  They were so excited for their bunk beds and Beckett was thrilled to see that his tractor table had made it to the new house.  (he actually went looking for it when he didn't see it in his room!)

Kennedy was thrilled that they got bunk bed and that Beckett and her would get to share a room!

Beckett was excited but he really was just concerned as to where his tractor table was, he went running around until he found it!

We only got to live in our new house for one week before we headed out for our Stetson family vacation.  But we are starting to get settled into our new routines and really loving it here.  Our kids have napped every day since we moved because they have just been outside playing and running around.  Brady set up a new playset and has been giving rides on the lawn mower.  The kids love exploring and running up and down the "mountain."  Our only complaint is that the internet isn't very good yet.  But, that just means we don't spend any of our time watching TV, we just spend all our time outside together.  And when this is your view, you can't complain.
Ill post another blog with more pictures of the inside of the house as I get around to taking them!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Double Digits for Briggs!

My baby turned 10 Months last week! No way!!

This was a really good month for you, Briggs.  I remember taking your 9 month pictures and having a hard time putting you down for long enough to take a pic and getting you to smile.  This month, while I took your 10 month pics you were happy, smiling and wanting to get down and "crawl" around.   You have less stranger anxiety and don't need to be held as much throughout the day.  You even stayed in the nursery a few times at church this month!

You have gotten so mobile and I think that is just the independence you needed!  Although you are technically not crawling, you use one arm and one leg and drag yourself along.  You make pretty good time and travel all over our main floor.  You are just so happy to be able to get to wherever you want to go.  We are so glad that we have a ranch style house now, we don't really need baby gates yet!

As soon as you turned 10 months you started sitting yourself up in your crib.  Your quickly started going from your belly to sitting, back to your belly. 

I remember thinking that you were eating a lot of food when you turned 9 months, looking back, that was nothing!!  You eat so much food and you have not met a food item that you don't love!  You nurse, then eat one baby food container, then you eat fruit, vegetables, meats and bread cut into little bites.  You love the independence of being able to feed yourself and you seriously spend an hour in your highchair at each meal.

When we ask you "how big is Briggs?" you throw your hands in the air!  You can also wave "Bye-Bye."

I remember thinking that when we had a third baby it would probably feel similar to having the other two, that you would most likely be a lot like them.  Although there are a lot of similarities between you and your siblings, there are several things that are new and different for us this time around!  Not in a bad way, actually it has been nice to get to experience some new things with you.  I know you are not really suppose to compare kids, but I don't want to forget these things that make you uniquely Briggs. 

First your love of being held, snuggled and "carried."  My other kids hated the carrier and always just wanted down.  I put you an the carrier anywhere we go and you just relax and snuggle in.  You seriously never get tired of it or fussy in there.

You are not a Paci baby.  Now, we are so thankful because we are not gearing up to take it away!  It was so weird for us when you were little to not give you a paci, but after you turned a month old you were always so happy and content, you didn't need one.  And it is so nice that you don't need it to fall asleep. 

You have hair! and lots it and it curls up when its wet!  The older kids were so bald for so long.  But, you are pretty blonde, so you will fit right in.  You also got teeth the earliest and already have more than they had at their first bday! You already have five and you are working on another.

You were our smallest baby when you were born but that didn't last long.  You quickly became our biggest and longest baby yet!  You have slowed down, but I think you may someday be bigger than your brother.

You were mobile the earliest.  Although you are still a little behind, you started pulling yourself along the floor three months before your brother.

And thankfully, you are our best car rider! (so far!)  I seriously cant believe how easy it has been so far.  We took a 4 hour drive to Branson this Summer and you never even fussed once.  You would just play and fall asleep when you were tired. 

10 Month Stats
Just over 19lbs
Size 3 diapers
Size 3/4 shoes
Size 12-18 Month clothes

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pool Party (Tad turns 8 and Beckett turns 3)

This year for Beckett's 3rd birthday we decided to celebrate while we were on our family vacation in Branson.  Tad turns 8 a week after Beckett so we figured we may as well celebrate since everybody was together and then they wouldn't need to take a second trip to town. 

Our first full day on vacation Megan and I set up for the party while the kids patiently (and not so patiently) waited while watching from inside.  We kept the party really simple since we knew swimming would be exciting enough!

We found several really simple and cheap games on Pinterest.

We knew that there would be lots of cake all week (my Dad's wedding was also this week) so we opted to give the kids Bomb pops for their treat.  They loved it!! And we managed to get the big 7 grand kids in a picture because they were distracted by the Popsicles.

Beckett wasn't really into opening presents.  He has always been kind of funny like that.  He opened one present and then he just wanted to play with it and go swimming.  So, he kind of gradually opened gifts as the week went on.  Ha.  He got a water table from us and a scooter from Grandpa Rob and Lois. 

I just can't believe that this guy is already 3!! Happy Birthday Beckett!