Sunday, July 26, 2015

Beckett's Big Boy Room/ Baby No Name's Nursery

The great Purvis room switch of 2015 is done!!  We have been nesting like crazy and working hard around here.  I really wanted to get all three rooms settled so we could have Kennedy and Beckett both settled in their new rooms long before baby gets here.  I don't want too many big changes for them to happen all at once.  Once we finished Kennedy's new room it was on to Beckett's.  I found a bedspread I liked and went from there.

 The most time consuming part of his room remodel was painting the dresser to match.  The colors did turn out exactly like I had planned, but it definitely matches better than the bright pink!

We decided to keep a queen sized bed in his room.  This feels weird for a two year old to have one, but my thought is that when we have guests, he can share with one of his siblings and his room can be the guest room.  We took the railing off his crib a month ago and he has been doing really great, he only got out of bed once.  But I was very nervous about switching him to a whole new room and a new bed.  But we laid him down the first night and he went to sleep without getting out of bed.  He stayed in bed in the morning until I went in to get him.  My fingers are crossed that this will continue!
Beckett in his crib with the railing taken off

First night in his big boy bed, he is thrilled!

I still want to hang a few more things on the wall and move a few more toys in, but we are getting close.  Beckett's big boy room!

After we got Beckett moved out we quickly put the nursery back together.  We are seriously keeping it exactly like we had it when Beckett was born, just putting some new letters on the wall. Brady put the changing table back onto the crib, moved the mattress up, and put the railing back on.  We moved furniture around, organized and put away his clothes and baby items.  The kids love playing in the baby's nursery.  Kennedy likes to lay her baby down for a nap in there and Beckett likes to rock in the rocking chair.

Kennedy wanted to be in a few of the pictures


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

4D Sonogram Baby #3

Since we did 4D sonograms with both of the other kids, we wanted to continue that with this little guy!  We went to our first appointment and she had trouble getting good pictures of him.  He is so low and my placenta is on the front, which makes it more challenging.  So, we came back a couple of days later to try again.  We decided to take Kennedy with this time.  I wanted to see if it would help her make the connection between my growing belly and her new baby brother.  She was so excited!  She loves it when she gets to do special things with us because she is such a big girl.  She could not get over the "syrup" (gel) that they had to put on my stomach before the ultrasound.  She still talks about it!  She acted like she understood and could even point out his little hand, eyes and lips a couple of times on the "tv."  Unfortunately, baby brother still didn't cooperate.  We didn't get the best pictures, but it was still so neat to see him moving around and get glimpses of his sweet little face.  He is really going to be a cutie!  And probably a little ornery since he just never would cooperate with us and move the direction we wanted him to move!  It really just makes this whole process more real for us.  He will be here before we know it and we can't wait to meet him!


Monday, July 13, 2015

3rd trimester!

I can't believe I entered the 3rd trimester with our third baby #3 two weeks ago. The summer is flying by which means this pregnancy is flying by!
Two days short of 30 weeks!

29 Week Dr. Appt Update: We had a regular check up last week and we will have a 4D sonogram this Friday!  Everything looked great and healthy with baby Boy.  His heart beat was in the 140's.  At my 20 weeks ultrasound this boy was measuring big.  Last check up I measured right on track and this week a I only measured 28 weeks (should have been a little over 29)  But I am not convinced he isn't still a big boy! I mean look at my huge belly?!  I really think I must just carry weird because the older two kids always measured small and they were born the perfect size! 

Pregnancy Update:  I will admit the third pregnancy has been a little harder on me.  I was more sick, and sick for longer.  Then I felt really good for about 6 weeks! (Thankfully Florida fell in this time).  Around 24 weeks I started feeling a lot of pain and pressure in my pelvic area.  This little boy is low! Not only can I feel it but you can tell by pictures.   I remember feeling this pressure and stabbing pain with Beckett too, but not until much later (33 weeks maybe) My Braxton hicks contractions started around 18 weeks this time. In the last four weeks they have picked up and will even become consistent for short periods of time. 

Pregnancy Stuff:
Cravings: No more food aversion here so I can eat most anything and everything!  This whole pregnancy I have LOVED watermelon, I seriously eat 2-3 melons a week.  Lately, I have been really wanting protein of any kind; PB, steaks, chicken, bacon.  I have been eating a lot of sushi too (don't worry, only the cooked kind!) and salads.

Sleep: I really can't complain here!  I am so tired by the end of the day I have been sleeping great and feel pretty good when I get up!

Exercise:  Brady got me a FitBit for our anniversary, so my goal each day is to hit 10,000 steps one way or another.  I go on lots of walks and work out on our elliptical.  Chasing kids around all day helps me reach this goal pretty easily. 

Movement: Since my placenta is on the outside I am not suppose to feel as much movement with this pregnancy.  But that is just not the case!  I feel tons of movement, about the same as Beckett which was more than Kennedy.   You can see the movement on the outside of my shirt and Kennedy likes to try to feel the baby move.

What's new: Baby boy had hiccups last night!  My other kids never really had them, or I wasn't ever 100% sure if that is what it was.  But baby definitely had them last night for like an hour.
Ill post 4D pics after our appointment!

Kennedy's Big Girl Room- Take Two!

It feels like I just wrote a post about switching Kennedy over to her big girl room, but now it is time to make room for Baby #3, so Kennedy gets another new big girl room! She has been looking forward to this since we started telling her about it months ago.  We are moving Kennedy into the small bedroom that is by itself on the top floor.  It is a very small bedroom so we bought a twin bed that has a trundle under it (for sleepovers!) and some storage.  The bed is white so we decided to paint the trim and doors white also to help spruce the room up a bit.  We didn't have money in the budget to replace the ugly blue carpet (that Kennedy loves anyway) so I guess it stays for a little while.  We also painted the walls.  It was hard to come up with a color that matched the carpet and the blanket we were using for her bed.   We chose a very light purple.

This is what the room looked like before; it was our guest bedroom.

After a couple weeks of painting and moving it was finally time for the big reveal.   When we showed her the room she said, "woah, it's perfect!"  The small bed makes the room looks bigger and the light colors help brighten it up a bit.  She had a great first night's sleep in there last night and is already looking forward to nap time.

There are still lots of finishing touches that we need to do, but it works for now.  Next step? Turning Kennedy's old room into Beckett's big boy room! Thankfully we are having another boy so we can keep the nursery the same, all I am doing is changing the letters on the wall.  I guess we have to pick a name to be able to do that, huh?

Saturday, July 4, 2015

4th of July 2015

We decided not to travel for the 4th (crazy, I know!) so we thought we would have a pretty low key weekend, but we ended up filling it with lots of fun things and home projects! 

On Friday I took Kennedy to the water park with the Koetemans. It is always nice to get one on one time with one of the kids.  

We spent every nap time and kids bedtime working on home projects.  We are starting to get bedrooms ready for the big switch before baby #3 gets here. We are painting Kennedy's new room, painting the trim, Brady is working on building a tractor table for the boys, and I need to paint Becketts dresser.   More pics to come when we finally finish! 

We woke up Saturday morning and headed to the Kc zoo. We have been trying to get there all Summer/Spring and the weather was perfect for it! Both kids are really into animals right now and loved it.  They really enjoyed the new penguin exhibit and the elephants.  We only made it a few hours (kids were tired and all the walking was hurting pregnant old me). 

We lit a few fireworks here at home and just had a relaxing family evening for the 4th.  

Happy 4th of July! 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer 2015 Family Vacation #2- Tulsa

This Summer we got to go on a family vacation with both sides of the family.  We were headed to Tulsa for Brady's cousin's wedding any way, so we decided to go a few days early and Brady's parent's rented a house with a pool.  The whole family was there and his grandparents.  


On Thursday we hit the road as early as possible for our 5 hour drive.  It was a rough ride (ie Beckett threw up and I am 7 months pregnant and traveling is already pretty uncomfortable) but we made it without too many major meltdowns.

We spent the next couple of days pool side, of course.

We also had a mini birthday celebration for Beckett since his week was just last week.  He opened gifts (Kennedy got some too!) and we sang and ate cupcakes. 

One of our favorite things to do in the mornings is go on a walk around the neighborhood.  Our kids woke up by 6:30 each day so we wanted to get out of the house so we didn't wake everybody else up.  We didn't take a stroller and just let the kids run, they loved it!  Oh how I wish Saint Joe/our neighborhood had more sidewalks...

 Friday night we went to the rehearsal dinner for Brady's cousin's wedding. The kids got to play with bubbles and did pretty good for being up a few hours past their bedtime!

Saturday we got all showered and dress up for Mitch and Morgan's wedding.  

The ceremony was a small ceremony that was outside.  I was so anxious about having the kids at the wedding and keeping them quiet.  Overall, they did ok- thank goodness for snacks! Then came the reception which started at the kid's bedtime, but they did amazing!  I brought lots of toys for them to play while we waited.   We got cake which both kids are just crazy about.  And finally the music started and Kennedy was ready to dance.  The first song she stood there a little nervous but by the next one she was dancing away all by herself and having a blast.   

We headed home on Sunday after we had Beckett each lunch and let his stomach settle a little.  Thankfully he didn't get sick.  Both kids fell asleep within minutes of being in the car and Beckett slept for am hr and a half. Seriously a miracle for us.