Wednesday, July 23, 2014

13 months old

I promise not to bore you with monthly updates much longer, just a lot is happening in Mr. Beckett man's life right now.

 The day Beckett turned one I decided I was done warming his bottle to a ridiculous temperature, gradually switching ounce by ounce from formula to whole milk and having him lay down so he could get the milk out of his sippy.  I just handed him cold, whole milk in a sippy with a straw. And bam. Just like that he drank and drank. And just like that life got easier for us! No more warming up a sippy right before we left the house, praying it would stay warm until he wanted it. No more buying formula. He could now drink milk whenever, wherever. Those of you who have crossed this finish line can rejoice with me, we are officially done with warming up water, bottles, formula, breast milk, our dumb bottle rack. Ahh 

We noticed right around Beckett's birthday that he was saying ball and book. Add Momma and Dada to the list and he is saying 4 words!  He loves playing with balls and playing catch with us or Kennedy.
We started quiet time with Beckett.  We just put him in his crib for 10 minutes or so with a bunch of toys.  He loves it!

As I mentioned in Beckett's 1 year blog, our doctor recommended that we take Beckett to physical therapy for his gross motor skills and we had some blood test done to check for any abnormalities in his muscle.  We got his blood work back and it was all good and clear!
Our first physical therapy appointment went awesome, he had no stranger anxiety and was willing to let her work with him. She evaluated him based on other 11 month olds (since he was 3 weeks early she was able to rank him with 11 month olds) and he scored in the 7% for his gross motor skills, I guess the doctor was right, he is a little behind. :) He did score 60% for trunk strength and fine motor skills, so no really problem there. 
We go once or twice a week now and the last few sessions have been a little more challenging. So, it has been more of a learning time for me and then we work with him at home a bunch. Right now we are focusing on helping him learn to crawl, gain muscle strength, practice standing and teaching him to pull himself up.  

We have already noticed some improvement! He can sit on my lap and pull himself up to the coffee table.  He can pull himself up to sit on his knees and play. He gets up on all fours and hang out there for a bit. We can just tell he is getting stronger.  Even though our physical therapist sees improvement, she told me yesterday that she will give him another week or two and then we may have to go down to Mercy and have him evaluated.  We have two weeks to get Mr. Man crawling, I really think we can get him there. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Life Lately- Summer 2014

Summer has been a whirl-wind for us! We travelled or hosted guest every weekend in May and June. Traveling is exhausting with two little ones but also a lot of fun! Life has been SO busy, fun and feels like a constant juggling act, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Summer also started some major stranger anxiety/shyness for both kids. This makes traveling to see family and friends a little more stressful! Kennedy is very shy when we go some place she doesn't know or a situation is overwhelming for her.  I have decided to give her a little time to ease into a situation and try to help her get comfortable.  This is tough when you are also trying to hold a one year old who also has stranger anxiety. 
This is how my kids felt about 7 crazy cousins in one small pool.  I don't blame them, it was intense.

What Summer has been like for our family of four...

Brady- This summer has meant overtime for Brady. Even though we have been needing the help financially, it always just adds extra stress to our already pretty busy schedule. Brady went out of town for four days over the 4th and has worked a lot of 16hr days too.  He worked 169 overtime hours in just two weeks, we miss him around here and we are both looking forward to some time away together next weekend. This has made me need to ask for a lot of help from Megan and hire babysitters to cover all our doctor apps, chiropractor appts, and Beckett's therapy.  Leaving the kids with lots of sitters has made it easier for me to leave them and it is helping them work through their stranger anxiety.

Marissa- Summer for me has meant headaches. I have gotten headaches my whole life but they have gotten much worse and more frequent this summer.  I finally gave in and tried the chiropractor the first week of July and have not had a headache since July 5th!  I have been getting adjusted every couple of days and I have been so sore and stressed trying to find babysitters to cover the daycare or watch my kids, but being headache free has made it worth it.


Kennedy- The summer has meant talking, swimming, and Frozen for Miss Kennedy! She is chatting up a storm these days and cracking us up. We also started swimming lesson. Our pastor's daughter decided to do lessons for some of the church kids at our friend's pool. She is loving it!  She is a little young still so she is just working on the basics and getting her more comfortable on the water.  Kennedy spends her days playing Frozen with Rilyn, pretending they are  Elsa with their cape, boots, and gloves.

Beckett- Summer has also meant movement and playing ball for Beckett! Beckett is finally mobile- not crawling yet but he can slither to whatever he wants. He is starting to get into stuff but we don't even care.  He is so happy now and just plays independently making his way around the house. With the help of his physical therapy he is getting stronger every day.  But more on this later.  =) Beckett loves to play catch or just chase balls around the house, he can even say "ball" now.  


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Beckett's First Birthday

We celebrated our Little Man's first birthday this past weekend.  Kennedy helped me wake him up with a bunch of balloons, a fun tradition I started with Kennedy.


We decided we wanted Beckett's first birthday party to be a little more low key than his sister's was. I stressed and planned and worried about her party- I wanted to just enjoy him and his day!  I wanted the basics; celebrate Beckett, let him eat a cupcake and open A FEW presents. We have been noticing lately that both kids get overwhelmed in big/loud groups and Beckett has stranger anxiety right now with people he doesn't know well. We kept it just immediate family and they were still overwhelmed. :(

Friday night we celebrated Father's Day by having a grill out with the Stetson side.   The kids didn't fall asleep at Megan's until really late. Thus starting our exhausting weekend. We spent Satursay morning celebrating Tad's 6th birthday. Since the boy's birthdays are so close we will always celebrate them together.  We can save our family another week of travel this way! 

We laid everybody down for naps and I set up for the party and made my tractor cake/cupcakes. Of course the birthday boy fought his nap, always on special days. :)  I did very little decorating, reused some supplies and only spent a total of $30 of Beckett's whole party, including cupcake supplies! My mom always made us fun/uniques cakes for our birthdays. Even though I wasn't going all out for his party, it was important to me that this part to be special. 

Since I didn't have much planned for the party we decided to let the kids swim in the pool after naps. Beckett loves the water! But apparently not with 6 other crazy cousins...
One of the sweetest moments of the day for me was when the kids got into the pool.  As more kids joined them Kennedy went over and sat down as close as she could to Beckett.  I am not sure if she was "protecting" him or if she found security in being close to him.  Either way, I loved seeing this sibling love.

It's his party, he will cry if he wants to.  And that he did! This part of the party, big fail with my kiddos.

We attempted a cousin pic.  These are impossible with this busy crew!

And we attempted a family picture and this is as good as we could get.

This is my favorite picture of our crazy family! 

It started raining so we headed inside and sung happy birthday to Mr. Man (he danced a little bit in his high chair). Then we let him eat his first cupcake, I just love this silly tradition!  Just like his sister, he went after it, my kids like their sweets! (I don't know where they get it...)  He ate some of the frosting off first and ate that for a while then he grabbed the whole cupcake.  In true Beckett fashion, he filled both fists and ate every last bite!  

Present time! Our family has decided to cut way back on gifts.  This is something we continue to struggle with, we don't want material things to be the focus of the day. As a family we decided from here on out we set a limit that each family will spend. We pool that money together and put half towards a gift and half towards some kind of investment. Example: college fund, fun activity or savings account.  I asked for no gifts but they insisted on a few.  Beckett didn't quit understand how to open presents but his cousins were right there to "help" him. Haha 

 Next we ate dinner together- we always let the birthday kid pick. Beckett told me his favorite meal was spaghetti. We made Parmesan chicken with white sauce and red meat sauce. Beckett ate and ate and screamed for more and ate... (Ignore the pink bib, I forgot his manly one)

The weather finally cleared up again so we headed outside for tractor races. We bought Kennedy a tractor for her first bday and Jonathan brought his. I wasn't sure how this would go over but the kids loved it. 


Another failed attempt at a cousin pic...

At the end of the day Beckett's birthday was a success! And it took a few days to recover from the chaos of the weekend.  This picture proves, my baby is not a baby anymore!