Monday, November 9, 2015

2 Month Stats

Briggs' had his two months well check last week.  I decided I would take all three with, let's just say that I wont be doing that again! haha.  It wasn't that bad, the older kids were just so needy when I needed to focus on Briggs and what the doctor was saying.  But, overall Briggs looks good and healthy!  He is the biggest baby we have had!  I can't believe he is always 12 and a half pounds!  I finally have a baby with some rolls. =) He has preferred to look to his right every time he sleeps so he has developed quit a flat spot on his head.  So, we are going to work on getting him to look and lay the other way.  His neck muscles are not very strong and he wont put any weight on his feet yet.  But no cradle cap and she was please with the dose we are on for his acid reflux.

Kennedy   23.5 In. 90%
Beckett 23.4 In. 68%
Briggs  24 In. 70%
Kennedy 11lbs            50%
Beckett 10lbs 10oz 12%
Briggs 12lbs8oz 48%

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween weekend 2015

Halloween started on Thursday for us.  I got to go to Kennedy's Halloween party at school.  It was so fun to see her in the classroom setting.  She was so well behaved and had a blast at her party. Her teachers raved about how well she is doing this year and how well behaved she is, I am one proud momma. =)

Then Friday morning I got to go with Kennedy to the pumpkin patch on her first class field trip.  She was nervous about each new thing we did, but by the end thought everything was the greatest thing she has ever done. This is very typical of her personality right now. :) 

Friday night the activities continued when we took the kids to trunk or treat at Mega.  Mega is our gymnastics place and Kennedy's school.  They had a trunk or treat and then an open gym. Kennedy was nervous at first because she was scared of a few costumes, but she quickly warmed up and showed us all the tricks she was learning. Beckett just wondered around and hoarded candy.  He loves candy, but not to eat.  He just carries it around and plays with it, silly boy. 

Saturday I had every intention to paint pumpkins with the kids, but it didn't happen.  Oh well, at least I got a picture of them in their Halloween outfits.  Ok so I didn't have one for Beckett, but if we don't get it in a hand me down, then we don't have one.  Haha poor middle child.  
Briggs' Frist Halloween!!

Saturday night we got the kids all dressed up and headed out to trick or treat on our street.  We walked down to our friend's house and hit a few houses on the way there and back.  Kennedy was a little nervous to trick or treat and Beckett thought getting candy was great! Then we met up with the Koetemans and ate dinner.  The kids passed out candy and played the rest of the night while we watched the Royals game. 

Briggs turns 2 Months Old!

Our newest addition some how ready turned 2 months old.  Time is flying by!

This month we have a new baby on our hands.  We switched your medicine from Zantac to Prilosec.  We also started taking you to the chiropractor twice a week.  The combination of the two has been a miracle! You nurse and then you are happy and content.  You just lay there calming kicking your feet and look around.  No more grunting, scrunching or arching.  It makes my heart happy that you are not hurting as much anymore!
This month you hit one of my favorite milestones, you are intentionally smiling at us.  Those first smiles are one of my favorite things of parenthood, there is just nothing better.  

You are sleeping better all around!  You have stretched your nighttime sleep to about 6 hours at night and you nap for two solid hours most of the time. You moved into your own room at 6 weeks and sleep in your rock n play in there.  You are great at falling asleep on your own. We simply swaddle you up and lay you down.  You don't have to cry yourself to sleep at all- you just look around until you fall asleep.  You still sleep great in your car seat, rock n play, or your pack n play that is in our living room. 
During your wake times you love to just lay on a blanket, kick your legs, and coo. You love watching the fan just like your siblings.  You have started grabbing my finger when you nurse and grabbing your blanket in your car seat. We are still working on getting you to like the paci.  You don't take it very often, just if you are hungry and we need to hold you off for a minute. 

You are still very loved by your siblings!  They love to try to make you smile, hold you, do tummy time with you and play on your play mat with you.

You are growing like a weed!  I can't wait for your 2 month appointment next week to get your stats.  You are in 0-3 month clothes but wear some 3-6 month PJS and pants.  I already switched you to size two diapers.  We had to switch you to the large size swaddle already. 

You have your 2 Month appointment this Friday, so I will update your stats then!  We all love you so much Briggs.  You are so content, easy going and flexible.  How did we get so lucky?

Friday, October 30, 2015

Family of 5 Pictures

We have been getting family pictures done every year in the Fall since Kennedy was a year old.  My church does an awesome event where you pay $50 and get all the photos to make prints and all the proceeds go to send our middle school kids to camp.  This year I knew I wanted to do pictures but I was completely dreading it.  Dressing up kiddos, working a nursing schedule around good lighting, trying to get all kids to sit still and look at the camera, and of course that would require me to shower and do my hair.  But, I was very surprised at how well it all went.  We didn't have any meltdowns and even though our ornery 2 year old didn't smile, the fact that he even let Becca take his picture is a huge accomplishment. 

Only one family picture pose turned out, but that is all I wanted.  We got our one good one for the Christmas card! =)

I really wanted a picture with all three kids together.  This picture is our life right now.  Kennedy is so in love with Briggs, who has turned into a pretty chill baby.  And Beckett is too ornery to even look at the camera and he refused to put down his dandelion.  Love. It.

She seriously can't get enough of him.
I love this picture. and this man.

These two have become very attached to dad lately and it is so sweet.
Our Oldest Child
Kennedy Sue - 4 Years Old

Our Middle Child
Beckett Nile - 2 Years and 4 Months


Our Youngest Child
Briggs Stetson - 2 Months

 Some sweet photos of my baby and myself