Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pool Party (Tad turns 8 and Beckett turns 3)

This year for Beckett's 3rd birthday we decided to celebrate while we were on our family vacation in Branson.  Tad turns 8 a week after Beckett so we figured we may as well celebrate since everybody was together and then they wouldn't need to take a second trip to town. 

Our first full day on vacation Megan and I set up for the party while the kids patiently (and not so patiently) waited while watching from inside.  We kept the party really simple since we knew swimming would be exciting enough!

We found several really simple and cheap games on Pinterest.

We knew that there would be lots of cake all week (my Dad's wedding was also this week) so we opted to give the kids Bomb pops for their treat.  They loved it!! And we managed to get the big 7 grand kids in a picture because they were distracted by the Popsicles.

Beckett wasn't really into opening presents.  He has always been kind of funny like that.  He opened one present and then he just wanted to play with it and go swimming.  So, he kind of gradually opened gifts as the week went on.  Ha.  He got a water table from us and a scooter from Grandpa Rob and Lois. 

I just can't believe that this guy is already 3!! Happy Birthday Beckett!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

9 Month Stats- Purvis Pack

Today was Briggs’ 9 Month well-check appointment.  He is healthy and growing right on track!  Although his weight has dropped the doctor isn’t worried, she thinks this will probably be getting close to more of the norm for him.  (Given his slender siblings =) Although he is mobile, he isn’t crawling yet.  We are going to keep working with him using the skills we learned while Beckett was going through therapy.  I know he will crawl soon enough, he is already into everything! 

Height- 9 Months

29.5 Inches
28.5 Inches
29 Inches
Weight- 9 Months

17lbs 3oz
17lbs 11oz

Beckett's 3 Year Pictures

Beckett doesn't really like to be told what to do, so the idea of getting him to dress up and go smile for the camera did not sound like something he would ever do for me!  But, for his birthday Kennedy bought him a Superman shirt.  I told him if he would smile for me he could wear it for the first time.  Well, bribery works! Ha.  We just took some pictures around our new place and ended up with some pretty great backgrounds. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Beckett's 3 Year Well-Check

Everything looked good at Beckett's 3 Year Well-check!  Our doctor was really impressed with how far Beckett's gross motor skills have come this year.  She still recommends that we keep him in gymnastics through this year to keep developing his gross motor skills.  We have been a little concerned that Beckett has not learned his colors yet and color blindness runs in my family.  She said to give it a little more time and then in the next year if we still have concerns she would suggest seeing an eye doctor. 

Beckett 3 Year Stats
Height - 38 Inches - 71%
Weight - 28lbs 14oz - 19%

Beckett's height is almost the exact same percent as it was at his two year appointment and his weight is the exact same!  This means he is follow the curve perfectly and he are just going to be our little guy. =)

Beckett Boo turns 3!!

Happy 3rd Birthday to our hilarious, smart, ornery, determined, energetic, and sweet Beckett Boo.  When people ask you what your name is, you say Beckett Boo.  We don’t have the heart to correct you because we think it is so cute.  You are the first baby boy that stole my heart.  We had no idea then that the sweet, calm baby would become such a spunky little boy.  Although you challenge us in ways we were not prepared for, you make us gut laugh to the point of tears and bring so much fun to our family.

You made some steps these last 6 months to becoming a big boy!  Although the potty training is not going well, you have started sitting up to the table without a booster and you don’t get up until you ask to be done!   You also get to share a room and bunk beds with Kennedy now and you stay in bed! (most of the time) You finally agreed to drink out of a cup without a lid.  All of these things you have to decide on your terms when you are ready to make the transition. 
Just sleeping on a Futon at Megans, you don't get up until we tell you that you can.  And you still have your Dog Dog that you need to have to sleep and you have named him, "Sophie"

A few weeks ago we moved into a new house!  You were thrilled from the start once we told you that you got to share a room with Kennedy. When we brought you to the house for the first time you immediately started walking around looking for your tractor table.  You love Dada’s new big lawn mower and you like taking rides with him. 

A few months ago you started your first gymnastics class.  You were not very sure about it at first and basically refused to participate.  But, you would come home and sing all the songs and do some of the games on your own.  We knew you were taking it all in and it would only be a matter of time.  Slowly, you started participating and actually enjoying yourself.  We will put you in another class in the Fall to keep working on your gross motor skills. 

You are so smart!  You enjoy singing along to songs and you always amaze us with how much of the songs you have memorized from the radio.  You also know most of your letters and you now know most of the letter sounds! You love to have us read to you and you memorize your favorite books.  Right now you love Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Pete the Cat books.

You still love to play everything boy!  You love tractors, trains, cars, and planes.  You still have a great arm and love to play with balls.  But your favorite thing in the whole world is your sand box.  You spent all of your time at the old house in your sand box so we knew we needed to get the new swing set/sand box up quickly.  You just love to play in there for hours!  You have always loved blocks but now you love to play with Legos too and build and create things.  You love to be outside riding your bike or swinging.

You are still our Hangry little boy.  If you are hungry, you are angry.  Since you were born we just had to keep you well feed and then you would be happy.  You are still the same way!  You have to eat the minute you wake up and can snack all day and still eat three big meals.  You are just a little guy so I am not sure where it is all going! You turn into a wild card if your tummy isn’t full, so we never leave the house without a few snacks for you.

Last week we took our annual Stetson Family vacation.  This year we just went to Branson so our drive was only 4 hours.  I don’t want to jinx it, but we may have turned a corner.  You took a nap both ways and were (fairly) happy.  You did pretty good sleeping on your nap mat and sleeping through your screaming brother at night.  But the biggest news of all is that you have become our second little fish!  Last year you didn’t love the water all that much and you made us hold you most of the time.  But this year you learned how to swim with your puddle jumper on so you were all over the pool by yourself.  There was also a little ledge that you liked to play on and squirt people with your “gun safety” when they got close to you. 

You have started to take notice of Briggs more as he grows up.  Sometimes we find you just talking away to him or bringing him toys to make him laugh. 

Dada is still your favorite.  Which I love.  But sometimes I even get sweet snuggles or compliments.  If I have on a dress, you are the first one to notice and compliment me. 

You are a little OCD. =)  You line up your food, or blocks or even sort shapes by color or shape.  You like things a certain, nice/neat way. 

You loved our family trip to the zoo.  You like to walk and you really got excited about all the animals.  You even fell asleep in the stroller!  You are the child that never sleeps anywhere, all of the sudden you have started letting yourself fall asleep when you are tired, and it’s great. 

We are absolutely enjoying this phase of life with you Beckett.  I can't wait to see what the next year will bring with your development and personality. 

Clothes: 2T-3T
Shoes: 7