Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Kennedy is 3 and a half!

Happy Half Birthday Kennedy Sue!
Three and a half has been fun for us. Three suits you.  You have become such a good listener, determined, compassionate, silly, and loving little girl.  You are such a wonderful combination of an extrovert and introvert.  You love your alone time during the day and you play so well independently, but on the other hand you love people, your friends, and getting out of the house to experience new things.  You still think every experience is the best thing ever and every day is the best day ever. You are so much fun these days, saying funny things and letting your personality shine through.  You are making our jobs as parents so easy right now, thank you!

A few weeks ago I took you to your 3 year old preschool screening.  I was a little nervous how this would go because I knew that you would have to go with a teacher by yourself to have your evaluation.  You are still a little hesitant in new situations and with people you don't know, so when you were excited and went willingly with your "teacher" I was thrilled. You scored very high on the social and behavioral categories.  You scored right on target with your concepts and language.  We need to work on your motor skills and self help skills. 
God knew what he was doing when he made you the oldest child in our family.  You are an awesome big sister to Beckett.  You guys love playing together and you are such a good big sister to him.  You are so patient with him when he takes your toys or pokes you. You also found out a few weeks ago that you are going to be a big sister to another baby in September and you are so excited!  You have keep telling everyone your "secret." "There's a baby in my mommy's tummy."


You have been in two sessions of gymnastics since you turned three and you are doing so well!  You are such a good listener and you work really hard on everything your class is doing.  You are very determined and you don't give up even if an activity is hard for you.  Last week you walked across the balance beam forward, all by yourself and you were so proud of yourself.  This week you jumped off the high mat (which has been too scary for you.) I could have cried we were all so proud of you! 
You have become such a good listener and rule follower.  You are hardly ever in time out anymore and normally listen to our words the first time.  I have really noticed all of this at gymnastics, you follow every rule and on the way home from gymnastics each week you talk about how your friends were not listening to the teacher's words.  This never would have bothered you before.

Your favorite thing to play right now is princesses or house with Rilyn, you love to pretend to be the baby and that Rilyn is your mom.  You are Rilyn are just the best of friends and get along really well right now.

You can identify all your letters (except 2!) and most of their sounds. You just started drawing people and I think you are doing pretty good! 

You are still working on buttons, zippers, and getting your shirt on yourself.  You want to do as much by yourself as you can these says which we appreciate. You climb in and out of the car, close your own car door and clear your plate after meals.  
You went to your first daddy-daughter dance a few months ago!  It was Frozen themed and you loved it!  You were a little nervous of the Olaf but you loved the cake and thought it was a birthday party.
You are a good eater right now; your favorite meal is Pb and j, banana, carrots and ranch. I can get you to eat any vegetable as long as I give you a little ranch to dip it in! 

Schedule- still taking a 2-3hr nap and bedtime is 7:30-7:00. You can go to bed much later which has been convenient with our busy schedule.   You still wear size 7 shoes (same as the Last Summer) 2t-3t pants and 4t-5t shirts.
3 and a half year Stats
Weight-30 Pounds - 20%
Height- 40 and a half inches - 75%


Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

As usual with holidays around here, we started off our festivities with our daycare Easter party.  We had two out sick so it was just these three this time.

On Friday Brady had the day off so we did some Spring cleaning and then I got some much needed time to run some errands and swim suit shopping (no fun!). That afternoon Grandma and Grandpa Purvis for into town for Easter weekend.  

Saturday morning Linda and I took the kids to the Easter egg hunt at church.  There was a lot of people there! Which was great but overwhelming for my kids at first.  They did crafts, had snack, and heard the Easter story and of course went outside for an Easter Egg Hunt.  Beckett was just excited to be outside and running free, I had to convince him to pick up four eggs.  But Kennedy was an old pro and filled her bucket! 

Saturday night I made the kids Easter baskets, which were basically a few items they needed.  Water bottles, tooth brushes, pencils and a stuffed animal.  But I accidentally left them setting out. On the weekends, Brady wakes up with the kids and gets them breakfast and rings me my french toast sticks in bed. (I'm spoiled) so the kids got up and saw their baskets right away and I didn't even get to see their reactions. Bummer, that's my favorite part.

Then I got everybody dressed and ready for a family picture and this is how it went. Lol. 

Oh well! With little kids things never go quit as planned.  We had an great service at church and then said goodbye to grandma and grandpa.  Next we headed over to the koetemans to grill out for lunch.  We did an Egg hunt while the guys grilled.  


After lunch we managed a few impromptu family pictures that turned out better!

We also took some cute/ funny cousin pictures. 




Sunday, March 29, 2015

Exciting News!

We are so excited to finally announce that baby #3 is on the way!  We are due September 23rd, 2015 and are about 15 and a half weeks along. 

It feels like we had to wait forever to tell people because of the way my doctor's appointments fell.  Our OB is really busy and backed up right now so I didn't get in for my first appointment until 9 weeks with the nurse.  I didn't even see my doctor until 13 weeks to hear the heartbeat.

We decided a while back that we wanted to have one more biological child before we start our journey to adopt, we just had to go through this crazy process one more time. =) On Tuesday, January 13th, I decided to take a pregnancy test before I headed out to dinner with one of my girl's groups.  I really did not think it would be positive so I didn't plan a fun way to tell Brady, again.  I took one of those cheap test that just has lines and there was a second faint line.  But I still made Brady go out and buy the expensive test that said "pregnant" because I just couldn't believe it! We will never forget this night, not only because we found out what we were pregnant but also because that was the longest/grossest night of parenthood for us. Beckett started throwing up with the stomach flu around 7 and we were up every hour with him until midnight, then Kennedy started getting sick every hour starting at one.  Thank goodness my sense of smell wasn't heightened yet or that could have been way worse!

At 6 weeks we had the opportunity to do an early sonogram.  One of my friends from church works at our Women's Center here in town and was looking for women who were less then 12 weeks along, so she could practice using her sonogram machine.  With both other kids I was already sick at 6 weeks, so I was very nervous when I went into the appointment.  Thankfully, we heard the heartbeat and saw a tiny healthy little bean.  Baby #3's heartbeat was 121 which she said was pretty fast for how early it was. 

I spoke too soon, the very next day I started getting sick.  With Kennedy I threw up more and with Beckett I was nauseous all day and night; with this lovely little bean I have the combination of both previous pregnancies.  I am exhausted and sick all day long, I felt like I couldn't complete my daily tasks as mom and daycare provider.   At about 11 weeks the doctor put me on medicine (that is perfectly safe) to help with nausea.  And it really has!  I am feeling so much better and hopeful that I can go off the medicine soon.  The last few days I have felt a little better so I am crossing my fingers that I am turning the corner!

At 11 weeks we were able to go back and have another sonogram at the Women's Center.  Little baby #3 is doing great! It's heartbeat was 162 and it was very active, moving and flipping all over.  Watching a tiny little miracle on a sonogram will never get old.

When I was just over 13 weeks I went to my first doctor appointment with my doctor.  Everything looks good and the baby's heartbeat was in the 150's.  After hearing the heart beat we felt comfortable telling people. We wanted to tell most of our family and friends before we told the kids, we just knew Kennedy's wouldn't be able to keep the secret.  We bought the kids a few books about being a big brother/big sister and let them open them. We also got them a Dora movie about her becoming a big sister. Kennedy didn't really get what we were trying to tell her, but after we explained it to her she got really excited.  She has been telling everybody "I have a secret, mommy has a baby in her belly.  Her not born yet."  It is so sweet and it is going to be so much fun this time around since she understands what is happening. 

Watching their new Dora Movie- I really think watching this movie is what helped Kennedy understand.  After watching it she kept talking about how Dora's mommy and her mommy have a baby in their tummys.

We are so excited to have another one of God's children join our family in the Fall.  Hopefully I will be feeling better soon and be able to blog more!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Life lately...

I have been sort if MIA lately with the blog posts, so this can be a little catch up.

We have been enjoying some nice days to play outside! Man it's fun watching them run around the yard.  Beckett was just walking on him knees in the Fall so it's a whole new world for him.  We were cooped up for too long this winter.  We have been grilling out as often as we can, going on walks and playing in the backyard.

We paid off our pilot (yay!) so Dada got to get his new truck.  The kids loved playing in the car and taking rides around town in it. 
We have been enjoying a new baby at the daycare.  I was nervous when I agreed to start watching her because Beckett has been the baby around here and the daycare for a long time and I was just sure he would have trouble sharing me.  And the first day he did.  But after that he was totally fine with her and sharing me with her. Kennedy is of course loving her and "helping" me with her.  
Mostly we spend our free time just watching the kids play- together.  Ahh.  We are really seeing the benefits of having kids so close together.  Most evenings they just run, dance, play and tackle each other all night. I love watching them.  They really think the other is the funniest person ever and they can both do no wrong.  They really don't fight or bicker at all, I know that day is coming so I will just enjoy the peace. They truly love each other and I look forward to seeing that bond grow.  This makes those really hard times in the beginning when we had a 20 month old and a newborn, totally worth it! 

I love this picture.  Kennedy gets 5 minutes on my phone when she goes poopy in the big girl potty. (side note she has not had an accident in like 3 months, but she is a creature of habit and still wants this reward, what is 5 minutes as long as she doesn't go poop in her underwear, I'll keep bribing her :) Beckett knows that he can snuggle up right next to Kennedy, she even lets him lean on her, but he can't touch the phone and he never does.  She lets him share in her reward and he lets her have control of the phone.  They have an understanding. 
They make each other laugh over the silliest things.